I'm not much for words, my visualizations of the world are representred in my final projects.                                                            Eliezel Castro

Eliezel Castro's Bio


Eliezel Castro has always found the love within art and illustration.  Learning from his father, his first sketches influenced him to pursue his passion.  A sketchbook in hand became the normal.  His interest's in video game designs and cartoon characters have shaped his current portfolio.

The College Years

Transitioning from hand drawings to digital was a challenge for me.   As my education progressed, I focused on the technical aspects of my craft.  During these years, I learned how to digitally create animations, characters, landscapes, and client logos.

After College

Eliezel Castro interest continues to be in animation, character concepts, illustrations, landscape designs, and client logos.  Eliezel has also completed YouTube thumbnails for clients.  In the years to come, Eliezel will continue to explore all aspects of the art and illustration world.  His Gallery and Client Work will continue to grow.


Eliezel Castro

Eliezel Castro